Calculate how much it costs

See how much buying with StrideUp will cost in regular payments and when you want to pay it off fully.

If you want the details on how these numbers are calculated, read about it below.

  • See how the ownership is split

    Let’s look at an example of how buying a home with StrideUp works. Put in a property price and deposit and see how the ownership is split.

    Property value£500,000

        Deposit needs to be a minimum of 15% of the property value

        StrideUp’s contribution to the property purchase needs to be at least £50,000

        StrideUp’s maximum contribution to the property purchase cannot be greater than £750,000

        Assumptions: i) 5 year fixed rate and ii) 35 year term

        Equity share


        Buyout share


        Your share


        See further below to understand what you have to pay to buy StrideUp’s share
      • Calculate the monthly payments

        Based on the property price and deposit above, we estimate the initial monthly payment at £. This amount depends on the product chosen

        Initial rate


        Rate after initial period

        8.24% variable

        Current follow-on rate

        Product fee


        Initial monthly payment


      • See what it costs to
        5 years

        Finally see how much is due if you want to move home or refinance. You'll have to pay off the outstanding balance on your share and you'll have to buy our share.

        How have house prices changed£

          Amount to pay for StrideUp’s share


          Your share


          • How is this broken down?

            • Home value:£
            • StrideUp’s Equity share
            • StrideUp’s Buyout share0
            • You're left with£

        How does this calculator work?