How StrideUp works

We believe there should be an easier path to homeownership; one that doesn’t involve spending years renting while trying to save a deposit, or overburdening yourself with a large mortgage.

  • 1. See what you can afford

    StrideUp is unique - even if you can’t afford to buy 100% of your home, you can still get started with us. Use our online calculator to get an idea of what you can afford based on your circumstances.

    There’s no cost, no credit checks and no commitment involved.

  • 2. Get a Decision In Principle

    If you think buying your home using StrideUp could work for you, the next step is to submit an application to get a decision in principle.

    Use our online application form to give us some information about yourself and the property you wish to buy.

    Again there is no cost for this and only a soft credit search that doesn't impact your credit score.

  • 3. Buy & move into your new home

    Once your offer on the property has been accepted, you’ll speak to a qualified advisor to ensure StrideUp is suitable for you. After submitting the required evidence, you’ll appoint a solicitor to start the process of buying the property.

    We help you through to completion and you move into your new home!

  • 4. Increase your ownership

    With StrideUp, as your savings and incomes rise you can increase your share in the property
    You always have the right to buy out the remaining share in property.

    You can also decide to sell the property when you want and you receive your share of the sale price.

Press Reviews

StrideUp...removes the traditional inefficiencies associated with shared ownership models.
…provide(s) an alternative to a mortgage, a form of financing that is increasingly out of reach for many.
…help young people across the country get a footing on the housing ladder.

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