Unlocking investment access to owner occupied real estate

Gain access to an operationally efficient residential portfolio

Why invest with StrideUp?


1. Return potential

Real estate investing has been a pillar of long term wealth generation and preservation.

Real Estate449%
FTSE 100146%

For indicative purposes only - past performance is not a guarantee of future returns. Real estate returns calculated from Land Registry HPI England price index, adjusted for rental income. Bond index is BCEK1T until Feb 2016 and estimated using 10 year gilt yields thereafter. FTSE 100 index is calculated assuming a 5% dividend yield prior to Jan 2005.


2. Access

Traditionally diversified residential property returns have been reserved for large investors able to buy large blocks of properties or fund developments to build a portfolio. Our technology driven platform opens up access to real estate and diversification benefits to investors of all sizes.


3. Asset security

Your investments are directly backed by UK residential real estate and the assets are segregated from StrideUp. Each asset acquisition undergoes review by the investment committee of a an experienced third party fund manager.


Efficient returns

The challenge in residential investing is managing the operational intensity. Buy to let and private rented sector (PRS) investments often lose 30%-40% of gross income on vacancies, lettings and management.

With StrideUp’s innovative co-purchase model, the occupant is a co-owner of the property and treats it as their home. By aligning interests between homebuyers and investors, we aim to create a better outcome for both.

Unlocking the largest asset class

Owner occupied real estate in the UK is worth over £4 trillion - this is more than double the market capitalisation of the FTSE 100. And yet it is largely untouched by investment capital.

By jointly purchasing properties with owner occupiers, we're both solving an affordability problem for homebuyers and unlocking the asset class for investment capital.

Source: Savills Research

When and how will I receive distributions?

Distributions are made quarterly from the income of the properties. These amounts will be automatically credited to your StrideUp account and will be available for you to re-invest or have paid into your bank account. The amount will depend on the performance of the holdings, including expenses realised over the period and reserves for upcoming expected costs. Investors can track their distribution history through our platform.

What is the investment term?

The investment term is 6 years from the first close of the fund, however investors can list their holding on the secondary market at any time. The speed with which it sells will be linked to the price at which you offer it.

How is the investment structured?

The majority of investments are made through an English private limited company and investors buy shares in this company with distributions made as dividends. For investors looking for tax transparent exposure please request on-boarding support at

Can we invest through an incorporated or fund entity?

Yes, our current investors range from individuals looking for easy access to real estate returns through to institutions committing sizeable amounts. If you would like to onboard an investment vehicle, please request support at

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