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Certified Shariah-compliant and interest free, Iman is a practical solution for conscientious buyers to get on the property ladder.

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Key features

Certified Shariah-compliant
No interest involved
FCA regulated
Flexible payments
The team is the best part of it all. Starting from the first person I spoke with, they satisfied my concerns about Shariah-compliance and what I was buying into. I can’t fault them in terms of their sincerity and their sheer compassion. You can tell that they really care.
Dr. Faisal Shaikh

Shariah-compliance meets home finance innovation

After 16 years of flat sharing and renting around London, Zara was determined to get on the property ladder and enjoy the security of her own home with her young son.

The price was paramount, as was the location, planning - as she was - for her son’s future schooling. But top of the list was buying a home in a way that aligned with her religious beliefs.

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Muslim woman reviewing home mortgage

Certified Shariah-compliant by leading experts

"Amanah Advisors are delighted to provide Shariah governance and Shariah advisory support to StrideUp who have brought something unique to the Islamic home financing market in the UK. Amanah Advisors oversees the Shariah-compliance of the product and undertakes Shariah audit to ensure that the Shariah controls are adhered to and that there is sound Shariah quality assurance."

Mufti Faraz Adam - Head of Shariah Advisory

How it works

Is StrideUp's HPP Shariah-Compliant?

Yes. StrideUp's Home Purchase Plan has been assessed by Mufti Faraz Adam at Amanah Advisors, an independent Shariah Advisory firm. It is their view that the agreements, product mechanism and product concept conform with the principles of Shariah and is Shariah compliant.

Is there any interest involved?

StrideUp’s Home Purchase Plan does not involve interest as the money is not lent to customers.

Interest is a result of lending and charging a fee for the loan. Since StrideUp does not loan any money to the customer, there is no interest that is involved. StrideUp’s product is structured differently; we purchase the property in partnership with our customers with each party owning a share. The customer then buys our stake in the property over time, paying rent on the portion that they do not yet own. By gradually buying out StrideUp's share of the property, at the end of the agreement, the customer owns the property outright - without ever paying interest.

How is the Rental Rate set?

The Rental Rate will be made clear to you during your application process and will be part of your offer. It depends on factors like the amount of deposit you can put down and the purchase price of your home.

The Rental Rate will be set up like this:

  • Initial period of a fixed Rental Rate. For an initial period (usually between 2 to 5 years) the Rental Rate will be a fixed percentage, such as 4% or 5%.
  • Then a period of variable Rental Rate. After the initial period finishes, the Rental Rate will be linked to an economic benchmark - in StrideUp's case, this is the Bank of England rate. So your offer will say something like Bank of England rate + 4.24%, meaning every month we'll check the Bank of England rate and add 4.24% to calculate your Rental Rate.
Is it Shariah-compliant to link payments to the Bank of England interest rate?

In the absence of a Shariah benchmark in the market and an acceptable alternative, Shariah scholars have approved the use of the Bank of England base rate as a benchmark. Of course, this does not mean that interest is charged as there is no lending in our product. This is simply a commonly used benchmark price our offering and ensures the product is clear with how the rent is charged and allows customer to compare us to other home finance providers.


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Depending on your circumstances we can offer up to 20% more than high-street banks.

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Complete the paperwork and collect your keys.

Our support team will work with you every step of the way.

Use the StrideUp portal to manage your home purchase process

Who we support

You have a good credit history

You have at least a 15% deposit

You’re buying a home to live in yourself

The property is located in England

We’re here to help whatever your circumstances

We’ll always do our best to help you along your homeownership journey. Should our products not match your needs, we can stay connected and keep you posted about new products. Either way our advisers are here to help.

Here to support you
from start to finish

With StrideUp you get a dedicated adviser to help you from initial application right through to picking up the keys to your new home. All of our advisers are CeMAP qualified and they’ll take the time to understand what’s really right for you.

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