Welcome to your mortgage free future

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How does the future look?

We believe
there’s a better way

There’s renting and there’s buying. Except many households are
stuck renting even though they would rather buy.

We don’t do mortgages.

Instead you buy the portion of the home you can afford today and when you’re ready you can buy the rest.

That’s it. No mortgage, no banks, no fuss.

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Life doesn’t wait for a mortgage.

Making home ownership possible today.

Strideup does:

  • Marker doesGet you more house for your money
  • Marker doesReduce your monthly payments
  • Marker doesHelp you onto the property ladder
  • Marker doesGive you housing security
  • Marker doesTreat all customers fairly
  • Marker doesCreate a better financial system

Strideup does not:

  • Overburden you with debtMarker doesnt
  • Force more compromise in housingMarker doesnt
  • Keep you stuck rentingMarker doesnt
  • Increase housing cost every yearMarker doesnt
  • Hide fees and chargesMarker doesnt
  • Protect the status quoMarker doesnt
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Let's get started

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Investing in property

Saving to buy a property? Or just want to earn a
bit extra? Find out how you can make your money
grow with property prices

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