Life doesn't wait for a mortgage

Rethink what you can afford

StrideUp is the new way to buy your home

Affordable homebuying

More affordable

StrideUp increases your purchasing power, meaning a better home or getting on the property ladder earlier.

Homeownership security

Your home

You have the flexibility to pick the home that’s right for you. We’ll help make it yours.

Safe and secure

Fair and transparent

We share the costs of buying and are completely transparent so you’ll know if StrideUp is right for you.

Your path to home ownership

Welcome to StrideUp
  1. Find your budget

    Use our calculator to get a quick idea of what you might be able to afford with StrideUp.

  2. Buy your home

    You don't have to get a mortgage - just use your deposit to buy the portion that you can afford today.

  3. Increase your ownership

    As you buy more of the property you increase your ownership and reduce your monthly payments.

We believe there's a better way

There’s renting and there’s buying. Except many households are stuck renting even though they would rather buy.

We've built an alternative - you buy the portion of the home you can afford today and when you’re ready you can buy the rest.

This means being able to buy your first home much earlier than otherwise possible and with a bigger budget than a mortgage allows.

Shared ownership Part buy part rent Mortgage alternative UK

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Find out what you can afford

What others are saying...

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How does StrideUp compare to Help to Buy?

Shared ownership schemes and Help to Buy are supported by the government and run through housing associations. StrideUp is not a government scheme; our product provides a flexible alternative. For example with StrideUp you can buy most open market properties and you are not restricted to specific blocks or new build development.

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Can I buy out 100% with a traditional mortgage?

Yes this is often the goal for our homebuyers. When you buy a home with StrideUp, it's similar to a part buy, part rent arrangement. This is what makes it more affordable than a mortgage. However as your savings and income increase, you might find you can get a normal mortgage and buy 100%, in which case you are free to do so.

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What types of properties can I buy?

With StrideUp you choose the home you want from the open market, so you have the flexibility to find something that works for you. Once you've found a property, StrideUp will review it to ensure it meets our criteria. For further details on property requirements, please see here.

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How do I increase my ownership?

After buying the property and moving in, you always have the ability to increase your ownership. You can do this every month from a minimum of £500 just by logging into your StrideUp account and making the payment. The price at which you buy is the market price of the property at that point in time.

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